gCulture of worldh|Q



  • Tumiiobsidian for trepanationj

TibetFreligious items

  • Real skull cap

ChinaFskull drumA

  • Stamp in Chfing era (for death judge )

Nepal; religious items

  • Crown for noble monks


  • The skull obtaining by Dayaku tribe (head hunting)


  • Skull dollsAminiature skull doctor showing delivery
  • Frieda CarloL skull poetry
  • Stone skull mask made by agate stone

gAnthropology, Skullology@h


Human revolutionF Changing of the skull from sahelanthoropus (origin of human,7million years ago) to homo sapiens(modern)@

  • Sahelanthoropus; origin of human

Deformed skull ,

  • Trepanated skull; ancient Peru

Anatomy ; development from fetus to old man

  • Fetus skull

Pathological skull; hydrocephalus, microcephalus, fibous dyplasia , osteoma

  • Giant skull of hydrocephalus

gFine Arth

  • Crystal skull; largest one in the world
  • Real sized skull made by jowery; ruby,garnet et al
  • Skull of Neandelthal ;gold,silver, copper, glass ,marble et al
  • Wooden skull; largest one in the world made by paulownia
  • Skull shape made by mammoth teeth
  • Nezuke; Ivory, wood
  • Pottery; fossil skull shape made in Japanese famous pottery place
  • Decorated real skull with metal; made in Tibet
  • Skull letters; Chinese,Korean,French,Arabian letters
  • Pictures; copies of skull pictures painted by famous artists
  • Ring; crown, silver
  • Necklace; Maria Maddalena holding the skull,
  • Earing; small skull shaped pierce
  • Wrist ring
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