1st Floor



Furniture Fdesk, chair

  • Set of desk and chair (made in Indonesia)

LighterFgas and oil lighters

  • Used lighter printing userLename in Vietnam wariPXUV|PXWWj

Smoking goodsFmetallic, wooden, pottery

  • Pottery with long tube

Candle,candle stick

  • Candle on the top of the skull head
  • Candelabrum

Watch, clock

  • Table clock printing skull shape inside

CupsFmug, wine, whisky cups

  • Wine cup

Label on the alcohol bottleFwhisky, wine, Japanese sake

  • Black death labeled with Jin, Rum, Vodka, T

BeadsFwrist ,neck lace

  • 108 beads of skull shaped
Key holder
  • Lightning of red eyes and groaning on pressed button


  • Note, Pencil, ball-point pen,

Eye glass

  • Printed glassAflame with skull goods

T shirts

  • Log ; Rock musician of Guns and noble

Neck tie

  • Printed skull design

ClothesGJacket, scarf, rain coat, pants, et al

  • A

Hat, cap

  • Leather hat, wool cap

T shirts

  • Human revolution, Mona Lisa, Hntter? Museum


  • Chess pieces

Sports goodsFHelmet, golf ball, skate board, et al

CD jacket

  • Logo of rock band
  • Skull pictures, letters, et al
  • OthersGKite, Noren
  Qnd Floor